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How to Choose Cell Model and Test Indicators on Determining Clinical Basic Research Topics

About clinical basic research, the innovation will be how to design the gene research content. Clinical relevance, function, mechanism, all of which should be taken into consideration. Besides, how to choose cell model(animal model) and test indicator also is an important section, that is being regarded as the approach to evaluate the scientificity of topic. In this post, we will highlight the information on how to choose cell model and test indicators from cell level. In the history of disease research, it is usually better to research deeper in accordance with the requirements of scientific research. Scientists will search the cause once the clinical manifestations of the disease determine which organ tissue lead the disease, furthermore, as cells are the smallest unit of organ tissue so that they will work on studying the difference between normal cells and diseased cell (pathological changes) and finally figure out which lead to the disease and clinical manifestations The following 3 issues should be considered from the cellular level before starting the research: 1.How to choose cell model - One class or multiple classes 2.How to make innovation for test indicators 3.The Project Feasibility How to choose cell model - One class or multiple classes You may regard it as a naive question in case somebody asks you to identify whether the diseased tissue is one class of cells or multiple classes of cells. However, it is closely related to research topic design: In some conditions, the topic design must concentrate on one point. Such as the experiment being handled on cells is to verify if the A gene and drug that scientists are investigating will cause pathological changes in the cells, or play a role in alleviating pathological changes. We all know that the function and mechanism of the same gene may vary even just putting in the different cell type. That’s why scientists should pay more attention to the depth of topics instead of breadth, focusing on the chosen topic more penetratingly. Obviously, there may be some different opinions on the above view, especially for the popular CTR research in the field of cancer treatment. It can not offer accurate results if scientists are just involved in one class of cells, as CTR is to study the lethal effect of immune cells on tumor cells which will reveal the relationship between two types of cells. So scientists need to involve all the related cells type if the topic is about the relationship among cells. As a result, it will be helpful to figure out the research objects before setting the topic. How to make innovation for test indicators Scientists need to know what indicators can be applied to demonstrate that the genes or drugs play a disease-related function in pathologic cells. For example, scientists work on epilepsy research which pathogenesis organ and tissue are brain tissue and cells are brain neurons. While evaluating if the test indicator design is reasonable, the scientific assessment is based on whether these indicators lead to clinically pathological changes in this type of cells. Abnormal excessive differs the brain neurons of epilepsy patients from the normal human, and scientists need to process electrophysiological testing from the cellular level. It is not necessary to design a totally new experiment while submitting experiment methods, instead, scientists should understand if the planned methods are commonly used by most researchers. Even if the outdated methods are still acceptable, just coordinating with common experiment methods. The Project Feasibility The feasibility of the assessment project will be related to lifetime research career, that is not only about the topic funding, also an important aspect to prove scientific research capacity. For the submitted topics, experts will first inspect the backgrounds of scientists if the involved cells and experiments are hard to culture and operate. They will evaluate if the submitting project is feasibility through the published articles and experiments. Only with subject funding can support the following research, that is which makes the project feasibility becomes more important for scientists. All the mentioned above is about how to choose cell models and test indicators for determining clinical basic research topics. Related products: Tissue Array

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