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The development of Patient-derived Xenograft Models for Cancer Drug Screening

PDX (patient-derived xenograft) model,which is the implantation of tumor cells or tissues from tumor patients into immunodeficient mice (nude mice) so that the tumor cells grow and expand in nude mice to mimic the tumor biological traits grown in vivo, and then scientists can conduct a series of cancer-related research. Process of establishing PDX model There are three stages in the process of establishing PDX model: transplantation, amplification, and subsequent application. We will share the specific information as follows: . Transplantation: Tumor cells or tissues from tumor patients were made into single cell suspensions and implanted into P1 generation nude mice. Ectopic transplantation is mainly located in the subcutaneous, intravenous and peritoneal, while the orthotopic transplantation replaces the tumor from any organ of the patient into the organ of the nude mouse, allowing the tumor cells to grow into tumors in nude mice. . Amplification: Tumors in P1 generation nude mice are replanted more P2 generation of nude mice to expand tumor cells and obtain a large number of tumor cells and tissues. . Subsequent applications: Tumor cells are constantly expanded in nude mice based on need, and then the obtained tumor cells and tissues, as well as tumor-bearing nude mice, are used for the study of the mechanism of tumorigenesis and metastasis, the preclinical test of anti-tumor drugs and drug screening related to cancer individualized therapy. Application of PDX model The obtained tumor tissues and cells can be used as a screening tool for tumor drugs and drug targets. A large number of tumor cells can be used directly in vitro to high-throughput screening of drugs and targets, on the other hand, the drugs can be directly applied to tumor-bearing nude mice to observe the therapeutic effect of the drugs.As the cells and tumors obtained via PDX models are from the single individual patient, the subsequent drug screening tests will achieve a personalized medicine to a certain extent. At present, there are a variety of drugs and their targets as well as a variety of tumor biomarkers that have been evaluated by PDX model. PDX Model PDO Model

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