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Prenatal FISH Probes to detect Fetal Chromosomal Diseases

Chromosomal diseases refer to diseases caused by chromosomal abnormalities. It is estimated that children born with chromosomal abnormalities make up 1/ 150 to 1 /120 of the newborn infants. According to the national literature in China, there are about 10 million infants born with chromosomal abnormality each year, of which living infants accounting for 0.3%. It is quite an alarming number for parents-to-be and the whole society.

The chromosomal diseases not only cause the premature mortality and will bring a lot of pain to poor children and families as well. Some babies may be born with organ defects, and some other babies may looks normal when they are born but as they grow older, they might be found with mental retardation. The most common chromosomal abnormalities reported include: abnormal number of chromosomes, chromosome structural abnormalities and micro-structural abnormalities of chromosome disorders.   To prevent such tragedies from happening to us, prenatal chromosome detection is very necessary. Actually, prenatal Chromosomal diseases diagnosis has played a very important role in reducing the incidence of birth defects. And fluorescence in situ hybridization technology is one of the most popular technologies which have been applied in chromosomal diagnosis.

The basic theory of FISH technique is based on the principle of base complementarity: we use a labeled single stranded nucleic acid as probe to  specifically bind with the targeted single stranded nucleic acid to be tested ,thus forming a hybridized double-stranded nucleic acid which can be detected .

There are three notable advantages of prenatal FISH probes: First, they don’t need to be cultured and can achieve rapid detection of five kinds of chromosomes accounting for 90% of the whole number; Second, they can be combined with the amniotic fluid chromosome examination, as a double guarantee of prenatal diagnosis to make up for the possible failure of amniotic fluid chromosome diagnosis; Third, they are simple to operate, easy to observe, and with high sensitivity and high specificity.

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Creative Bioarray provides the most comprehensive list of FISH probes for rapid identification of a wide range of chromosomal aberrations across the genome. It provides FISH probes including Chromosome Probes, Diagnostic Probes, Animal Probes, and Bacteria Probes. Prenatal FISH Probes are included in our diagnostic probes as well.

Creative Bioarray’s CABRTM probes target relevant regions for a wide range of applications such as detection of gene amplification, deletion, translocation and chromosomal aneuploidies associated with tumor and genetic disease profiling; this makes molecular diagnostic technology important for clinical diagnosis and pharmaceutical industry.

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