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Sperms Can be Cultured from Skin Cells

The latest news on independent sperm cultivation took up the heading news in almost every online science news site, which is a hint of the importance that this breakthrough bring to our lives and may be to some animals’ fate.

Scientist team from China conducted the research, and healthy rats were successfully given births by this way and of note, these rats were of ability to reproduce after maturity the studies showed.

sperm cultivation

The sperms (exactly they should be called sperm like cells or immature sperms) were derived from skin cells. First, the rat embryonic stem cells were gained from skin cells, and then the stem cells were put into the natural environment where the complicated processes of sperm formation were done. And it’s one of the most important points for the success as the differentiation of stem cells into sperms involves two complicated steps, and the mimic of natural environment will boost the whole process. Finally, the sperm like cells were gained. After all of these handling, the immature sperms would fertilize with eggs produce IVF embryos. Then everything will develop in the natural way to form offspring.

It’s reported that the process of this technique conform to the related standards and was at a low possibility to bring issues. However, the study is yet to be carried out on humans. And once it can, the male infertile problem can be solved on a wider scale as the present available treatments not works on every man and there is quite a large number of man fail to have their own biologic offspring after treatments. The appearance of this technology can’t ensure that every man with infertile issue can be out from this, but at least can make more people to get rid of it.

What can be furtherly seen from this tech is that it may be applied into prolong the existence of endangered animals, of course with the being of fertile female animals. That should be one of the practical uses of this tech in animals.

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