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Creative Bioarray’s BioBank: One of the Highest Biorepositories in the World

One of the Highest Biorepositories in the WorldCreative Bioarray is a well-recognized service provider propelled by integrity, expertise and the desire to contribute to tomorrow's bioscience discoveries. The Biobank of Creative Bioarray is an advocacy owned repository for biological samples and clinical data. It contains: Tissue Bank, Blood Sample, RNA sample, DNA sample and Body fluid. Creative Bioarray provides comprehensive both human and animal tissue products collected from all over the world including three continents. The Biobank of Creative Bioarray is classified into two general categories:  Human Tissue Bank and Animal Tissue Bank.

Animal Tissue Bank

The Animal Tissue Bank of Creative Bioarray provides animal tissue samples focused on biological studies. The animal tissue bank includes animals such as Rhesus Monkey, Cynomolgus Monkey, Mouse, Nude Mouse, Hamster,Guinea, Pig, Rat and so on.

Human Tissue Bank

The human tissue bank of Creative Bioarray provides human tissues for research and development purposes. It can be subdivided into six categories: Tissue Block, Tissue Section, Blood Sample, RNA sample, DNA sample and Body fluid. All human tissues provided by Creative Bioarray come fully consented with clinical information and comprehensive ethics approval, allowing studies to be undertaken rapidly.

  1. Tissue Block

Creative Bioarray provides a range of normal and diseased tissue blocks. The high quality tissues are banked under strict and rigorous collection protocols to ensure that both paraffin embedded and frozen tissues are all well characterized, clinically annotated tissues needed for critical experiments.

  1. Tissue Section

Frozen tissue sections of Creative Bioarray are made from high quality tissues immediately snap-frozen in liquid nitrogen after being excised, and then identified by a board-licensed pathologist.

  1. Blood Sample

Blood samples are collected for measurement of blood lipids and glucose. Creative Bioarray can provide different ranges of human blood components from various donors of normal, tumor and other diseased including those in diverse path-physiological status. Also, these blood samples contain whole blood samples, cord bloods, serum and plasma samples as well.

  1. RNA Sample

RNA samples offered by Creative Bioarray isolate from human normal, fetal, diseased, and tumor tissue that might difficult to obtain because of anatomical complexity, size or high RNase tissue content.

  1. DNA Sample

DNA is a nucleic acid containing the genetic instructions used in the development and functioning of all known living organisms. Creative Bioarray provides high quality DNA samples from various tissue specimens which are suitable for genotyping, loss of heterozygosity, mutation analysis and other applications.

  1. Body Fluid

Body fluid is liquid originating from inside the bodies of living people. All body fluid samples and derivatives offered by Creative Bioarray are available as non-pooled aliquots from individual cases.

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