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Induced pluripotent stem cells (or iPS cells) are extremely valuable because each individual can have their own line of pluripotent stem cells that come from adult stem cells that have completely bypassed the embryonic stage. They can reproduce indefinitely, and give rise to all the cells needed by the major organs. This would facilitate true personalized medicine and help those who have lost tissue to disease and surgeries heal better and faster.


But who has the time to create these iPS cells themselves?

Our iPS cell services utilize multiple reprogramming methods. Included within the wide range of reprogramming methods, are, mRNA reprogramming, dox-inducible human 4F2A, and lentivirus. These three technologies have been developed and used in close partnership with leading iPS cell pioneers.

Creative Bioarray offers an extensive array of products to customize the conditions of cell culture, individual transcription factors, and delivery systems. The goal of these products and services is to optimize the parameters of reprogramming.

As a client, you will receive a matched set of iPS cell lines in two separate vials. iPS Cell lines are created through the process of using iPCS Factor viruses that are transduced with the source cells. After two days, cells are replated onto feeder cell layers along with ES Medium. At the two week point, we can begin to visualize iPS colonies making certain that the medium is changed daily. Then individual iPS colonies are selected, and expanded at the four week time period.

Our custom reprogramming services offer our clients the opportunity to remain focused on their projects and experiments without the need to spend large blocks of time in the lab, and depleting resources to create iPS cells. We are also equipped to accept many special requests concerning any unique needs you may have for your generated iPS cells.

As with all of Creative Bioarray’s cell services; our goal is to utilize the best techniques, and most modern and innovative methods to provide our clients with quality products that will optimize research results. Our multiple reprogramming methods will save researchers and scientists, valuable time and money.

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