Announcement Dates Set for the 2015 Nobel Prizes

According to the official website of the Nobel Prize, this year’s Laureates will be announced between October 5 and 12, which includes researchers, authors and peace advocates who, according to the vision of Alfred Nobel, have conferred the greatest benefit to mankind.

However, the date for this year’s Nobel Prize for Literature has not yet finalized. According to tradition, the Swedish Academy will set the date for its announcement of the Nobel Prize in Literature later, and it is usually announced following the day of announcement the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. In terms of the Award money, due to the impact of the economic crisis,  since 2012 the amount prize money has shrunk from 10 million SEK to 8 million SEK, nevertheless, the specific number of prizes this year are not yet available.

Below is the dates that the prize awarding institutions have set for their announcements of the 2015 prize decisions

Awards Time
( Stockholm, Sweden , GMT+2)
The Nobel Prize in Physiology
or Medicine
Monday, October 5, 11.30 at the earliest
The Nobel Prize in Physics Tuesday, October 6, 11.45 at the earliest
The Nobel Prize in Chemistry Wednesday, October 7, 11.45 at the earliest
The Nobel Peace Prize Friday, October 9, 11.00
The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic
Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel
Monday, October 12, 13.00 at the earliest





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